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- 4 sizes, 1x5 Upper Left | 4 sizes, 1x5 Upper Right
- 4 sizes, 1x5 Lower Left | 4 sizes, 1x5 Lower Right

Designed for cold-cure acrylic temporary bridge abutment & pontic "shells" for Dental Office & Laboratory use. Temporary bridge "Shells" can also be made in wax from this mold if a "hot-cure" bridge is to be made. Female half of mold can be utilized for multiple solid pontics (in wax) for speed wax-up of gnathalogical and diagnostic study models. Merely pick the nearest size for the bridge needed - pour cold cure acrylic into the mold and close. When acrylic is not quite hard and still "floppy," remove from the mold and cut off "flash excess" and unwanted teeth with surgical scissors and insert still soft acrylic structure in mouth over preparations. When the acrylic is hard - remove from mouth and reline pontics and abutments with cold-cure acrylic and reset in mouth. Trim off any excess and polish.