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Mold with removable Teeth


    "Show & Tell" crown and bridgework, implant designs and techniques, partial prosthesis, etc.
    Place mold on a flat surface. Pour stone or plaster into the base mold. Pour stone or epoxy into the individual teeth (dies). DO NOT over-fill mold. Remove individual teeth (dies) by pushing up through back of mold, then pull tooth (die) out of mold from the front. Each tooth (die) will fit the corresponding socket on model. Tip of die may need to be trimmed to remove any excess. For creating edentulous areas merely fill in the socket on the model. Use Perfect-Mold Spray after each use to lengthen the life of the mold. For best results, spray mold with Beta-Cast Debubblizer and pour stone while using vibration device.
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    General Practitioners
    Dental Technicians
    Dental Schools as a Teaching Tool
    Dental Materials Manufacturers